Grants and support

Choose the right tree planting grant

The process of creating woodland will be different for everyone. That’s why there is a range of tree planting grants on offer that support woodland creation projects of all shapes and sizes to best suit the needs and goals of your farm and business.

Regional Woodland Creation Grants

Depending on the location of your land you can apply for a regional tree planting grant through one of our local Woodland Creation Partners, with many schemes starting from as little as 0.1ha.

The England Woodland Creation Offer

If your tree planting project is for areas 1ha and upwards, you can apply for the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO), which covers standard capital costs up to £10,200 per hectare.

Forestry England Woodland Partnership

With a minimum of 20ha of land, you can apply for Forestry England’s leasehold scheme which offers guaranteed rental income without the need for significant investment.

Receive free, expert guidance

Whichever tree planting grant you choose, local Woodland Creation Teams are on-hand to offer free bespoke advice to help guide you on your tree planting journey. 

Armed with specific knowledge and expertise around tree planting, your Woodland Creation Officer can support you to make the right choices for your land, your business, and the environment, now and for years to come. 

Now the grants are truly flexible and there is help and advice that can be accessed with a simple email

Ally Hunter Blair, Arable Tenant Farmer, Hertfordshire

Additional support

Planning to plant trees along rivers or watercourses?

The Woodlands for Water agricultural advisors are on hand to provide expert assistance and advice for riparian tree planting projects across six river catchment areas in England.

Funding for Farmers

Find out more about how to get paid for wider environmental benefits through the Environmental Land Management schemes.