The Forestry England Woodland Partnership

Man walking amongst green field with tree guards in the background.

What is the Forestry England Woodland Partnership 

The Forestry England Partnership is a leasehold scheme creating new woodlands across England in partnership with private and public landowners. It offers a guaranteed rental income for landowners without the need for significant investment.  

Who is eligible for the Forestry England Woodland Partnership 

The scheme is open to established landowners, farmers, or land agents acting on behalf of landowners, with a minimum of 20 hectares of land suitable for woodland creation.  

How the scheme works 

As England’s largest land manager, Forestry England has the expertise and resources to design, plant and manage resilient and thriving woodlands.  

Forestry England’s Woodland Partnership Team will work with you to negotiate a commercially competitive rent based upon agreed objectives and in many cases benchmarked against support payments. As a landowner, you will receive guaranteed annual rent for 60 to 120 years.  

The team will establish the terms of the lease and develop plans for creating the woodland. Once the trees are in the ground, they will provide regular support to help establish, manage and protect the woodland for the duration of the lease period.  

How to apply 

You can apply to the scheme through the Forestry England website. Applying is a free and quick process – you are under no obligation to proceed further if your application proceeds to the next stage of selection. If your site is selected for negotiation, you will usually find out within six to eight weeks of applying.